Friday, August 20, 2010

Ridiculously Simple? I think not

What do you think of when you see this picture:

A. Children's Book (1)
B. Cartoon from a newspaper
C. Mr. MedSchool's latest art work


None of the above.

It's Mr. MedSchool's Microbiology book. Seriously (2).   Although it has a whimsical and charming cover, it also makes false claims.  Even after skimming intensely studying this book, Microbology is still not ridiculously easy.  It's not even remotely easy.  In fact, it's still hard.

Cute pictures do not make up for false claims.

1.  Don't worry I haven't let the Sam's ad go to my head
2. Come on.  Mr. MedSchool's artwork is much better than this...

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  1. I just started following you and I love your blog! It's so relatable and very clever! I am a new blogger and nominated you for a blogging award! Check out my blog!